So I know I haven’t talked you in a while, but I’ve just been so busy. Every time I find some free time my ban- I mean friends always ask me to hang out with them and they won’t let me get to my phone. You should see them whenever I try to take out my phone or do something. I hope you’re not mad at me or anything, but if you are, I’ll find some way to make it up to you. Also, how have you been? I hope your schedule has been a lot let cluttered than mine.


It’s fine, I understand that. I mean, school starts soon so I think everyone’s a little busy. Really? Well, they would get along with my friends because they do that too. Wh do friends hate phones so much? Well, if you come up with something really good, then I can just pretend I’m mad. I’ve been okay, thank you. My mom’s pregnant so everything’s chaotic. I don’t understand why she’d want another baby, I mean, she already has four, but okay. 


Camila Cabello and Luke Hemmings

Title: Beside You
Artist: 5 Seconds Of Summer
Played: 229 times

luke hemmings & camila cabello manips // requested by me